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What Is Mesothelioma?
Friday, September 15, 2006
What Is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a cancerous disease that is becoming more and more common. Affecting the mesothelial cells that make up the mesothelium – the outer lining that protects the body’s major organs such as the heart, stomach and lungs – this form of cancer is a direct result of regular and unprotected exposure to asbestos. The symptoms and the latency period of this disease mean that it is difficult to diagnose. Treatment for mesothelioma is still being investigated through clinical trials and research, but as a rule it responds poorly to the treatments that are currently used.

The people most at risk from being carriers of this cancer are those have worked with asbestos over the past thirty to fifty years. Because of this, the disease is most common in men between the ages of sixty and seventy as this is the group that commonly worked with asbestos during those years. Because of the lack of protection and regulations in those days, these workers were constantly exposed to the dust and fibres from the asbestos, which caused the cells of the mesothelium to become abnormal. However, because the disease takes decades to develop fully and manifest, many of them were oblivious to this until thirty to fifty years later. It is these men who are now lodging multi-million dollar lawsuits against the unscrupulous companies that exposed them to the dangers of asbestos, even though they were aware that it could cause harm to the employees.

There are also other people at risk from the disease; namely those who have had regular contact with a person who has worked with asbestos. Because these workers regularly carried dust and fibres on their clothes, skin and in their hair, they fibres and dust could be ingested by family members, who were then at risk of developing mesothelioma, respiratory problems or another asbestos related disease.

The organs most affected by mesothelioma are the lungs and the surrounding tissue. Pleural mesothelioma, which is the type affecting the lining of the lungs, is the most common variation of this cancer with symptoms which include breathing and swallowing difficulties, coughing, shortness of breath, fever and weight loss. The abdomen is another area affected by this cancer, and this variation is known as peritoneal mesothelioma. This type of mesothelioma is not as common as pleural mesothelioma. Symptoms of peritoneal mesothelioma can include nausea and vomiting, weight loss and loss of appetite, fever, bowel obstruction and pain or swelling of the stomach area. The last variation of the cancer is pericardial mesothelioma, which is where the cancer affects the heart and the tissue surrounding it. This variation is a rare one, and symptoms can include palpitations, breathing difficulties, and persistent coughing.

The symptoms of mesothelioma are very common to a number of other diseases which are more well-known in society. Therefore, it is not unusual for the patient to be misdiagnosed when he or she goes in displaying any or all of these symptoms. People who have worked with asbestos should always let their doctor know this so that the doctor is more aware and more conscious of the possibilities in the event that the symptoms do manifest. A speedy diagnosis is important to the effective treatment of mesothelioma, and without being aware of the facts your doctor may not be able to make the diagnosis as quickly as he would if he is aware of the situation.

Although there are treatments for mesothelioma, they do not have a high success rate particularly on patients in whom the cancer is in its later stages. The faster the mesothelioma is diagnosed and treated, the more chance of success, which is why it is important to get as fast a diagnosis as possible.

Current treatments for mesothelioma include surgery, radiation therapy, palliative therapy and chemotherapy. The National Institute of Cancer along with a variety of other organizations and sponsors are currently conducting research into mesothelioma and carrying out clinical trials to try and find a treatment that will not only be more effective but will enable the successful treatment of the disease even in its later stages.

Symptoms Of Mesothelioma

The long latency period attached to mesothelioma means that the symptoms of this disease can take many years to manifest, making both diagnosis and effective treatment very difficult. And even when the symptoms do become evident, which can take several decades, the symptoms are so generalised and non-specific that they could be put down to any number of more common diseases. This makes it hard for even experienced doctors to make a quick and conclusive diagnosis with mesothelioma patients. The symptoms of this disease can often be confused with pneumonia during its early stages.

Some of the most common symptoms of pleural mesothelioma (which is the most common form of the disease) are shortness of breath and chest pains. This may be accompanied by a persistent cough, and all of these symptoms stem from the build up of fluid between the lining of the lung and the chest cavity. This is known as pleural effusion. This type of the disease starts in the chest cavity and can then spread to other parts of the body. Pleural mesothelioma sufferers may also begin to display severe breathing difficulty, weight loss and fever as well as trouble swallowing and even swelling of the face and neck. Some patients may also develop a rasping voice and start coughing up blood. However, there are other patients that may not show any significant symptoms at all.

The symptoms for patients who suffer from peritoneal mesothelioma (a rarer form of the disease) are slightly different. This type of the disease starts in the abdomen and can spread form there. Patients of peritoneal mesothelioma can display abdominal pain and swelling, nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting. They can also suffer breathing problems, and chest pain in addition to these symptoms. These symptoms result from tumours that lean against the abdominal wall. Bowel obstruction, anaemia, fever and problems with blood clotting may also affect peritoneal mesothelioma patients.

The rarest form of this disease is pericardial mesothelioma, which starts in the cavity surrounding the heart. With pericardial mesothelioma, the tumours grow in the tissues that surround the heart and can spread from there. Pericardial mesothelioma sufferers may experience chest pain, shortness of breath, persistent coughing and palpitations.

As the disease moves into the later stages, the symptoms for all types of mesothelioma become more acute and obvious, although they can still often be put down to another illness. It is therefore important for patients to inform their doctor if they have been exposed to asbestos at any point – or even if they suspect they may have been exposed to asbestos. This will enable the doctor to make a more informed diagnosis rather than basing his diagnosis on guess work. It is also important not to ignore any of these symptoms, especially if they are experienced over a long period. Many people can be exposed to asbestos inadvertently (e.g. through the clothes of someone that has worked with asbestos) so it is important to visit your doctor should any of these symptoms manifest.

With pleural mesothelioma being the most common form of the disease, the symptom associated with this form of the cancer are the most common ones that are displayed by patients. However, it is important to be fully aware of the symptoms for all three types of mesothelioma, particularly for those who have worked in high risk professions where they may have been exposed to asbestos.
Most people who have worked with asbestos in the past do not begin to show symptoms of mesothelioma until thirty to forty years later. By this time, the disease is already spreading and with the delay in diagnosis, makes it impossible to treat in many cases before it is too late. However, the cause, effects and symptoms of mesothelioma are now becoming more widely known by professionals and lay people. This awareness, coupled with the current clinical trials that are being carried out by a variety of organizations gives patients the hope that an effective treatment will one day be available for all stages of the disease.

by: mesolink.org

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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes
Thursday, September 14, 2006
Cheap Car Insurance Quotes - Tips For Getting The Lowest Rate

Finding online car insurance quotes is easy, but finding the cheapest auto insurance rates can be more of a challenge. To get the lowest quotes, follow these tips to help you find ways to trim possibly hundreds off your car insurance quotes.

1. Give them details – If you don’t provide information about your zip code, marital status, car’s safety features, and annual commuting miles, by default insurance companies will quote you a higher auto insurance rate. Provide as much detail as possible to make sure you get each discount that you qualify for.

2. Shop around – Auto insurance rates can vary as much as 300% between companies for the same coverage. You can save hundreds of dollars a year by comparing prices between companies. Don’t forget to check out your current insurance company, they may have lower rates for new customers that you may be able to negotiate for yourself.

3. Raise your deductible – Higher deductibles equal lower insurance premiums. For example, increasing your deductible from $250 to $500, can save you a hundred dollars or more on your annual premium. However, plan on having additional financial resources to cover the deductible in case of an accident.

4. Cut the miles you drive – For drivers who travel on average 40 miles or less a day, they qualify for a low mileage discount with most insurance companies. Consider carpooling or taking public transit a couple of days a week to reduce your car’s mileage to qualify for the discount. By flying or taking a train for vacations instead of driving, you can further reduce the miles on your car.

5. Switch drivers – For married couples, compare insurance quotes between the male as the main driver and the female as the main driver. You may get a lower quote if the female is insured on a truck and the male is insured on the minivan. Teens should also be insured on safer cars such as the family sedan, rather than a sports car.

6. Add an anti-theft device – By installing car alarms or a tracking system in your car, you will get a discount from auto insurance companies. Since anti-theft devices reduce the risk of your car being stolen, insurance companies pass on the savings to you. A certified defensive-driving class can also reduce your premium for three years with most insurance companies.

Online Car insurance tips

- Before buying a car get the car insurance quote for the model you intent to buy; insurance costs may vary a lot between different cars and even between different models of the same car.

- Shop around, get quotes from as many insurance companies as you can, rates vary between different insurance companies.

- Consider higher deductible - the amount you pay from your pocket before your insurance will pay should you have a claim.

- If you have a low value vehicle, consider to drop comprehensive and (or) collision coverage; If you car worth just $1500 - $2000 it makes more sense to buy another vehicle rather than repair the old one.

- Ask for all possible discounts available - some insurance companies may offer you a discount if your car has certain safety features such as Antilock Brakes (ABS) or anti-theft devices like an alarm system or an immobilizer.

- Some insurance companies offer discounts if you insure other things such as your house with the same company.

- Not all insurance companies offer the same level of service. Choose a reputable company, there is a web site where you can check ratings of various insurance companies.

- The Insurance Information Source. Ask your friend and relatives what is their experience with particular insurance company.

- Shop around for an insurance quote every time before your current policy is due for renewal - your current insurer no always offers you the best rate. Insurance rates vary between different companies. And it's very possible that other insurance company will offer you lower rates if you switch. I shop around every year and switched my insurance few times to get lower rates.

- If you are planning to move to different place, check the insurance quote for that location first, the insurance rates may vary depending on where you live and how far you drive to and from work every day.

- If you found another job that requires you to drive less to and from work, call your insurance company, they may offer you lower rates.

- And finally, and most importantly, drive safely, so you will never have to use your insurance.

by Vlad Samarin

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Competition between Social Networking (Myspace vs Friendster)
Monday, September 11, 2006
"Why Myspace? Why Friendster?"

There was a time some of friends were asking me if I have a Friendster account, I answered None. Their reaction: I am not a true-blooded Netizens. Now, their question is: “Do you have a MySpace account?”. I still have the same answer: NONE. I am just surprised why is it that it’s MySpace now, what happen to Friendster?

MySpace.com is a free service that uses the Internet for online communication through an interactive network of photos, weblogs, user profiles, e-mail, web forums, and groups, as well as other media formats. It’s a place where you get to meet people or just plain old friends online. you have your own profile and you get to show pictures of yourself and write down stuff about you and your interests.

Social networking is about connecting friends, business partners, or other individuals together using a variety of tools. The popularity of social networking sites like Friendster and MySpace is unbelievable. What’s more surprising is MySpace overtaking Friendster. MySpace has more than 54 million registered users, compared with more than 24 million for Friendster in just over 2 years.

According to Alexa Internet, as of July 2006 it is the world’s fourth most popular English-language website and the sixth most popular in any language. MySpace is getting as many as 180,000 new members a day. Neilsen/Netratings said MySpace ranks 13th among all sites. Comscore Media Metrix places MySpace fourth by total pageviews, two notches above Google.

So the next question to ask is: What did MySpace do to become this successful? Simple - MySpace provided innovation and Net Freedom to its users.

MySpace allow its members to express themselves however they like, even if MySpace don’t like how they are doing it. MySpace members are using media such as photos, music, video, and Web links to express who they are or want to be. MySpace comments section took the form of a performative guestbook. Whenever someone thinks of someone else, whenever they stop by, they leave a comment. They let both the owner and the owners’ visitors take note of their presence.

Customization is key. MySpace allows its members to obtain Web programming code elsewhere to create their own layouts, change background colors or incorporate photos and video stored at other sites. Just to show how important this is - just recently Friendster added a similar feature and changes its old template style of building Friendster pages.

MySpace lets bands and upcoming artists to upload songs into what’s essentially a closed file sharing network, and then lets kids AutoPlay them from their pages - so that they function like ringtones, as a badge of identity. It’s a community built around content. All for FREE.

MySpace also started its own recording label, and it is now hoping to bring that magic to filmmakers, and later to comedians and fashion designers. MySpace evolved and grew with its users, building a trusting relationship, figuring out how to meet their needs and cultural desires, providing them with features and provide them the things its users are looking for. Friendster did not - it fought its users hand and foot, telling them how to behave.

The main reason why MySpace overtook Friendster in terms of popularity is MySpace provided freedom and liberty to its users. Friendster provided too many rules to its members, they want to keep it clean. MySpace allowed its members to express their thoughts, creativity and personality. And because of this, its members grew. And when it comes to social networking, people use the social technologies that all of their friends are using.

If there’s any lesson learned here, it is that social technologies succeed when they fit into the social lives and practices of those who engage with the technology. MySpace’s future ultimately rides on intangibles that transcend technology and focus groups. The service’s value grows the more people use it. And growth gives MySpace more reason to add features. One of which is MySpace wants to expand internationally and on wireless devices, and it is adding such features as video-sharing to become more like a Web portal.

If there’s anything MySpace has to watch for are the moral issues. Too much freedom is also not good, more often than not - it will be abused. MySpace should be able to determine when it’s time to draw the line and at what level should freedom be given. Otherwise, MySpace will be in a big trouble sooner than they thought.

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Future Dreams Interpretation Precognition
Saturday, September 02, 2006

Two weeks before his assassination, Abraham Lincoln had a dream that there was a funeral at the White House. In the dream he asked a soldier who was in the casket and the reply was, "the president of United States". Later when he told his wife about the dream, she remarked that he would die in office.

Could he have prevented his death? Its possible, had the dream told him how he would die. Then, instead of letting his lone personal bodyguard have the night off, he might have been more preoccupied with his own safety. However, it’s most certain that his death was deemed to happen, and that he was allowed to remain blind to his own fate by disregarding the message of his precognitive dream.

Mark Twain had a very real dream where he saw his brother in a casket. He didn’t know what to do about it and let it go. Less than a week later, his brother was killed in an explosion on a boat. Upon arriving at the town where it took place, he saw his brother laid out in a casket just like in his dream. Again, had the dream given him more specific details about his brother’s death, perhaps he could have warned him.

Unchangeable Future
In both these cases, we have precognitive dreams of the unchangeable kind. They told the future, while not giving enough details for any one to change the predetermined outcome. Whatever happened, happened because it was already in the universal plan and this kind cannot be changed.

Changeable Future
Then there are the precognitive dreams of the changeable kind that allow someone to change the future. Immediately after the Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean, there were at least two dozen reports of people who canceled their trip because of precognitive dreams they had about the sinking. No one knows how many had the same warning and ignored it, going to a death they could have avoided. There is one businessman that had the same precognitive dream three times and chose to ignore the warning. He still intended to make the trip until a sudden turn in business forced him to cancel.

The Titanic gives a good example of the changeable future. Those that interpreted their dreams as a warning continued to live. They were given enough details so they could change their future. Those who ignored the warning perished. The businessman is an example of how an unchangeable future can’t be changed. For in spite of stubbornly ignoring three dream warnings, he was forced to cancel due to a sudden business problem. His unchangeable future plan required that he remain alive.

Even ordinary events sometimes have unchangeable future.
Nancy had a dream where she heard herself saying, "I can’t find Jason" Upon awakening she somewhat puzzled by its meaning, since she knew only one person named Jason, a coworker. A week later, Jason was traveling in Canada for their firm and her boss asked her to locate him. Knowing his complete itinerary, she started calling everywhere, even calling his wife to see if she knew where he was. After a whole day without success, she was somewhat distressed and went to her boss saying, "I can’t find Jason". At that very moment she recalled the dream from a week earlier. This is an example of an unchangeable future. Insignificant as it may seem, it was an event that was meant to happen. Had she understood its meaning at the outset, she could have avoided using those words.

A changeable future event of the ordinary mundane kind.
Sheryl had a dream about walls being cracked and broken. When she awoke she checked her house and everything was intact. Momentarily, the thought entered her mind about an apartment she was renting to some tenants. Then she just forgot about it. About a month later the tenants were about to move from the apartment she owned and in discussing the move got into a minor dispute with them. After they left she went to inspect the apartment and found that they had punched holes in the walls of three rooms for spite.

Here is a case of the changeable future. Had she taken the dream more seriously, she would have expanded her concern not just for her own house, but to the apartment she owned. Further, she could have had the foresight to avoid getting into a tiff with the tenants and avoided a spiteful response from them.

These examples should give you some insight in how to view dreams. By giving precognitive dreams more credence and looking further into them for more precise information you can benefit from this free information. Whenever you have a dream that seems significant but is unclear, you should be looking for further clarification.

You can get clarification by going back to the source. Prior to falling asleep, think about what type of information you need to clarify a previous dream. Instruct yourself to have a clarifying dream and when it comes, to awaken you. Be sure to have writing material handy. Remember! Don’t give up after only one try, keep trying and you’ll get something.

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Dream Interpretation & Analysis
Friday, September 01, 2006

What type of dream are you dealing with?
To interpret your dreams, you need to determine what type of dream you are dealing with. There are two categories that they fit into, those that are generated from within your physical body and mind and those that come from your spirit guides or tutors. They have different purposes and its necessary to recognize what these differences mean to you and how they interact in your waking and dreaming state.

Two main categories.
The dreams that originate with the physical body are for your functioning and survival in the world of physical nature. They deal with your physical and psychological well being. These dreams are like your manager and janitor who try to keep body and mind tidy for your general well being.

Then, there are those dreams that have a mystical and special characteristic to them which are for your spiritual development and progress. They produce instant knowledge and information that is beyond your ability to garner through intellectual or logical means.

Why you get information when you sleep?
When you are asleep, so is the physical component of your self. The five senses, smelling, tasting, feeling, seeing, and hearing, and your ego, the controlling master, are all temporarily suspended from activity. Sleeping allows the other sense that you have, the sixth sense, to take over for awhile with out much interference. This is when both the physical body and your spiritual essence can perform maintenance simultaneously to help unwrinkle parts of your life. Its ironic that this is the state of being that psychics and mediums practice for years to achieve, and everyone enters it every time they fall asleep.

There are several components to each dream category:

Dreams from the physical body:
> Food
> Health
> Psychological

Dreams from the spiritual realm:

> Precognitive and future
> New information or knowledge
> The deceased or spirit guides visit you

Dreams from the physical body.
Food: Did you ever notice that when you take a nap after you’ve eaten lunch that you can have some crazy images go through your mind. The same thing happens at night too, because food can trigger some wild and wacky dreams. If you enjoy these psychedelic excursions, then take note of what you had to eat before hand and repeat the process. On the other hand, if you’re not interested, then take note of what you ate and make certain to avoid eating whatever it was. Food is one of the generators of dreams, which are not worth interpreting.

Health Your subconscious knows a lot about you that you don’t, or maybe don’t care to know. Often times it will tell you something about your practices or lifestyle to tip you off about what its needs are. In dreams it tries to get the point across to you, sometimes politely, at other times not so.

Psychology: Stressful relationships and social situations can cause our mind to get out of kilter but our subconscious intervenes to straighten things out.

Dreams from the spiritual world

Those special visits, instructions, lessons and guidance that we receive that are sometimes (but not always) interwoven with one of those mundane dreams your body generates. They are hidden and disguised because you are not supposed to know where the information is coming from. Like it’s a big secret. You are led to think that you dreamed up all those unique thoughts and ideas all by your little ol’ self. The bad news is that they occur much less frequently than the run of the mill physical dreams. The good news is that when you do experience them, you get the feeling that something special has occurred. Even if you can’t figure out what it means, there is a profound sense of purpose or message behind it. When experienced, they become landmarks in many people’s lives leaving them with a permanent and unforgettable impression of otherworldliness embedded deep within their subconscious mind.

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Betrayed by a cell phone
Thursday, August 31, 2006

Got this news on yahoo and its about on how our phones can spill out personal secrets.

"Don't tell your cell phone any secrets. It might not keep them."

Secondhand phones purchased over the Internet surrendered credit card numbers, banking passwords, business secrets and even evidence of adultery.

One married man's girlfriend sent a text message to his cell phone: His wife was getting suspicious. Perhaps they should cool it for a few days.

"So," she wrote, "I'll talk to u next week."

"You want a break from me? Then fine," he wrote back.

Later, the married man bought a new phone. He sold his old one on eBay Inc. for $290.

The guys who bought it now know his secret.

The married man had followed the directions in his phone's manual to erase all his information, including lurid exchanges with his lover. But it wasn't enough.

Selling your old phone once you upgrade to a fancier model can be like handing over your diaries. All sorts of sensitive information pile up inside our cell phones, and deleting it may be more difficult than you think.

A popular practice among sellers, resetting the phone, often means sensitive information appears to have been erased. But it can be resurrected using specialized yet inexpensive software found on the Internet.

A company, Trust Digital of McLean, Va., bought 10 phones on eBay this summer to test phone-security tools it sells for businesses. The phones all were fairly sophisticated models capable of working with corporate e-mail systems.

Curious software experts at Trust Digital resurrected information on nearly all the used phones, including the racy exchanges between guarded lovers.

The other phones contained:

_One company's plans to win a multimillion-dollar federal transportation contract.

_E-mails about another firm's $50,000 payment for a software license.

_Bank accounts and passwords.

_Details of prescriptions and receipts for one worker's utility payments.

The recovered information was equal to 27,000 pages — a stack of printouts 8 feet high.

"We found just a mountain of personal and corporate data," said Nick Magliato, Trust Digital's chief executive.

Many of the phones were owned personally by the sellers but crammed with sensitive corporate information, underscoring the blurring of work and home. "They don't come with a warning label that says, 'Be careful.' The data on these phones is very important," Magliato said.

One phone surrendered the secrets of a chief executive at a small technology company in Silicon Valley. It included details of a pending deal with Adobe Systems Inc. and e-mail proposals from a potential Japanese partner:

"If we want to be exclusive distributor in Japan, what kind of business terms you want?" asked the executive in Japan.

Trust Digital surmised that the U.S. chief executive gave his old phone to a former roommate, who used it briefly then sold it for $400 on eBay. Researchers found e-mails covering different periods for both men, who used the same address until recently.

Experts said giving away an old phone is commonplace. Consumers upgrade their cell phones on average about every 18 months.

"Most people toss their phones after they're done; a lot of them give their old phones to family members or friends," said Miro Kazakoff, a researcher at Compete Inc. of Boston who follows mobile phone sales and trends. He said selling a used phone — which sometimes can fetch hundreds of dollars — is increasingly popular.

The 10 phones Trust Digital studied represented popular models from leading manufacturers. All the phones stored information on flash memory chips, the same technology found in digital cameras and some music players.

Flash memory is inexpensive and durable. But it is slow to erase information in ways that make it impossible to recover. So manufacturers compensate with methods that erase data less completely but don't make a phone seem sluggish.

Phone manufacturers usually provide instructions for safely deleting a customer's information, but it's not always convenient or easy to find. Research in Motion Ltd. has built into newer Blackberry phones an easy-to-use wipe program.

Palm Inc., which makes the popular Treo phones, puts directions deep within its Web site for what it calls a "zero out reset." It involves holding down three buttons simultaneously while pressing a fourth tiny button on the back of the phone.

But it's so awkward to do that even Palm says it may take two people. A Palm executive, Joe Fabris, said the company made the process deliberately clumsy because it doesn't want customers accidentally erasing their information.

Trust Digital resurrected erased e-mails and other information from a used Treo phone provided by The Associated Press after it was reset and appeared empty. The AP ordinarily purges its phones the correct way, but for demonstration purposes turned over a reporter's phone that had been simply reset to see whether Trust Digital could recover the information. It did.

Once the AP phone was properly wiped using Palm's awkward zero-out technique, no information could be recovered.

"The tools are out there" for hackers and thieves to rummage through deleted data on used phones, Trust Digital's chief technology officer, Norm Laudermilch, said. "It definitely does not take a Ph.D."

Fabris, Palm's director of wireless solutions, said after AP's inquiries that the company may warn customers in an upcoming newsletter about the risks of selling their used phones. "It might behoove us to raise this issue," Fabris said.

Dean Olmstead of Fresno, Calif., sold his Treo phone on eBay after using it six months. He didn't know about Palm's instructions to delete safely all his personal information. Now he's worried.

"I probably should have done that," Olmstead said. "Folks need to know this. I'm hoping my phone goes to a nice person."

Guy Martin of Albuquerque, N.M., wasn't as concerned someone will snoop on his secrets. He also sold his Treo phone on eBay and didn't delete his information completely.

"I'm not that kind of valuable person, so I'm not really worried," said Martin, who runs the http://www.imusteat.com Web site. "I guarantee that three-quarters of the people who buy these phones don't think about this."

Trust Digital found no evidence that thieves or corporate spies are routinely buying used phones to mine them for secrets, Magliato said. "I don't think the bad guys have figured this out yet."

President Bush's former cybersecurity adviser, Howard Schmidt, carried up to four phones and e-mail devices — and said he was always careful with them. To sanitize his older Blackberry devices, Schmidt would deliberately type his password incorrectly 11 times, which caused data on them to self-destruct.

"People are just not aware how much they're exposing themselves," Schmidt said. "This is more than something you pick up and talk on. This is your identity. There are people really looking to exploit this."

Executives at Trust Digital agreed to review with the AP the information extracted from the used phones on the condition the AP would not identify the sellers or their employers. They also showed the AP receipts from the Internet auctions in which they bought the 10 phones over the summer for $192 to $400 each.

Trust Digital said it intends to return all the phones to their original owners and said it kept the recovered personal information on a single computer under lock and disconnected from its corporate network at its headquarters in northern Virginia.

Peiter "Mudge" Zatko, a computer security expert, said phone owners should decide whether to auction their used equipment for a few hundred dollars — and risk revealing their secrets — or effectively toss their old phones under a large truck to dispose of them.

What about a case like the Lothario whose affair Trust Digital discovered?

"I'd run over the phone," Zatko said. "Maybe give it an acid bath."

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Kabalo na bla kamu?
Monday, July 24, 2006

Hiligaynon Version of the Philippine National Anthem
Himno Nacional de Filipinas
(Hiligaynon version prepared by Jose P. Dacudao,
SOLFED National President, Save Our Languages through Federalism, Foundation, Inc.)
Original music by Julian Felipe, 1899.
Based on the Spanish text by Jose Palma, 1899.
Translated: July 16, 2004.
This edition Nov. 4, 2005.

Banwang pinalangga,
Anak sang adlaw sa sidlangan,
Kalayong nagadabdab
Buhi sa imong dughan.
Banwa sang gugma,
Duyan sang baganihan,
Sa manalakay
Indi gid magpalapak.
Sa langit mong bughaw,
Panganod, bukid, kag kadagatan,
Nagasaot nagatunog ang binalaybay
Sang hinigugmang kahilwayan.
Bandera mo, dutang halanduman,
Suga sing kadalag-an.
Indi gid magdulom ang silak sang
Bituon niya kag adlaw.
Kapuluan sang gugma, adlaw, kag kalipay
Katam-is gid magpuyo sa sabak mo.
Among himaya ihalad, kun lupigan ka,
Amon kabuhi, mga anak nimo.

Kinaray-a Version of the Philippine National Anthem
Himno Nacional de Filipinas
(Kinaray-a version
prepared by Jose Palu-ay Dacudao, Ma. Eillen Grace Palu-ay, Ma. Corazon Palu-ay, Save Our Languages through Federalism, Foundation, Inc)
Original music by Julian Felipe, 1899.
Based on the Spanish text by Jose Palma, 1899.
First Translation: August 23, 2004.
This edition November 4, 2005

Banwang pinalangga,
Anak kang adlaw sa sidlangan,
Kalayong gadaba-daba,
Buhi sa imong dughan.
Banwa kang gugma,
Duyan ka baganihan,
Sa manarakay
Bukon gid magpalapak.
Sa langit mong bughaw,
Panganod, bukid, kag kadagatan,
Nagasaot nagatunog ang binalaybay
Kang hinigugmang kahilwayan.
Bandera mo, lupang halanduman,
Gasiga it kadarag-an.
Bukon gid magdurom ang sirak kang
Bituon na kag adlaw.
Kapuruan kang gugma, adlaw, kag kalipay
Katam-is gid magpuyo sa sabak mo.
Among himaya ihalad, kun lupigan kaw,
Amon kabuhi, mga anak nimo.
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Spot the Difference

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Optical Illusion
Friday, June 30, 2006
Count the people in the picture below and after they shift, count it again.

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Very nice game.."Pulse game"
Monday, June 26, 2006

     The Maze! Test your skills! Try to reach the goal without touching the walls! How steady is your hand? Let's find out! Try and beat all four levels!

     Some tries this 5 TIMES and couldn't get pass LEVEL 3. Some cheated and used both hands on LEVEL 3 and they just couldn't make it to LEVEL 4. IF you can make it to level 4 you're a true pulse gamer.

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Alubihud Trip (Guimaras, Philippines)
Thursday, June 15, 2006
These photos were taken by one of my sister's friend during their trip to alubihud resort.
Click photo to view different sizes

Alubihud Trip (Guimaras, Philippines) 01

Alubihud Trip (Guimaras, Philippines) 02

Alubihud Trip (Guimaras, Philippines) 03

Alubihud Trip (Guimaras, Philippines) 04

Alubihud Trip (Guimaras, Philippines) 05

Alubihud Trip (Guimaras, Philippines) 06

Alibihud Trip (Guimaras Philippines) 07

Alibihud Trip (Guimaras Philippines) 08

Alibihud Trip (Guimaras Philippines) 09

Alibihud Trip (Guimaras Philippines) 10

Alibihud Trip (Guimaras Philippines) 11

Pipz behind the trip
Alibihud Trip (Guimaras Philippines) 12
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